Download ABOVE 2.0

    This version of ABOVE uses the serial port on the HP-50G to communicate with a GPS receiver in NMEA, 4800 baud format, and with a Kenwood TH-D7A(G) Data Radio.  The calculator can be  connected to these devices via a cable provided by Samson Cables, or by a custom-made cable which uses a level-shifter and an inverter.  If the Samson Cables product is used, you have to also use a null modem and a gender changer. Both of these items can be purchased at Radio Shack.  

    Some features use the Amateur Radio APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) protocol.  It is documented elsewhere.  http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/index.html

    The added functionality is as follows:

    The new menu entries are:
    Also, the functionality for two menu entries is different:
    MISTAKE:  While working on the upgrade to 2.0, I noticed an error when the positions of celestial bodies are predicted.  Basically, I used the calculator's time at the time the predictions were made.  Earth rotation was at the intended time, but the celestial bodies were frozen at the time the predictions were made, not the future time.  Not-so-bad for stars, bad for the planets, and really awful for the Sun and Moon.  It's fixed in version 2.0.  

    I have no affiliation with Radio Shack, Kenwood, HP, or Samson Cables.  I happen to use a Garmin GPS receiver.  They make good stuff.  No one paid me to say that.  Also, use this program at your own risk.  It's for entertainment only.  
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