Sending Emails from JTAlertsX

    This is a very crude, inelegant, guide to sending yourself an email every time JTAlertsX flags a new DXCC, or US State, or whatever.  To do this, you have to invoke a "User Generated Alert" in JTAlertsX, which in turn triggers an executable file (.exe extension).  This executable file has to be generated from a batch (.bat extension) by the program Bat_to_Exe_Converter.exe.  I'll give you the link to this utility later.  

    Kaspersky and Norton Antivirus will attempt to thwart your efforts.  You can work around these impediments by changing settings in your AV software.  It does this because some of the methods are easily exploitable, but we're not using them for mischief, so it's OK.  

    To begin, you have to edit 2 template files.  The first is the batch file DX_Email_Template.bat.  In this file, down near the bottom, you have to supply the full path to the folder on your computer where the .exe file will reside.  Also, you have to supply the name of the .ps1 file, which I will describe next.  

    You have to edit the file  DX_Email_Template.ps1.  To download it, you have to right-click, then "Save link as...".   Basically, every time you see carats, <>, you have to supply your own data.  A quick note about putting a password in a text file.  I use a throwaway gmail address for this. It's free!  It's fun!  If the password gets hacked, it's not a problem because I do nothing but DX Alerts on that email account. I also get to set distinctive alerts for my phone and tablet.  

    It turns out that JTAlertsX will not clone a process from batch files, just executable files.  So, you have to tune to  Download their stuff.  Convert the .bat to .exe, and drop the .exe file in the folder you've typed in about 7 times by now.  

    Next, you can go to JTAlertsX.  The click sequence is "Settings", "Manage Settings ...", "+Miscellaneous Alerts", "User Defined Alert".  This will pop up a window.  At the top, you'll click all the events you want to know about, and also set a time out, so it doesn't send you an email every minute because South Sudan is on the air.  At the bottom, you have to find the executable file.  There are no parameters.  You may then test it.  A command window will open for about 5 seconds and close, and you should get an email with dummy parameters.  

    That should do it.  Send all complaints, questions, and compliments to  This is based on a concept by Bruce, VK2RT.  It is adittedly easily upgradable.  I had to use multiple writes for the body of the email because I couldn't figure out how to realize a carriage return in this context.  No, "\r" and "\n" didn't work.

    Best 73.  See you on the air!